A new surgical center will expand Orthopaedic services

Orthopaedic Services

Orthopaedic services include procedures for musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, and tumors. Surgeons perform both surgical and nonsurgical treatments to restore movement and health to joints. They can also diagnose and treat congenital conditions. Patients can seek orthopedic care at Stony Brook University Hospital, Paoli Hospital, or Bryn Mawr Hospital. To learn more about orthopedic care, read on.

Stony Brook University Hospital

Stony Brook University Hospital offers a full spectrum of orthopaedic care for both adults and children. The Orthopaedic Associates at Stony Brook University Hospital are specialists in all areas of orthopedic care, including hand surgery, joint replacement, sports medicine, spine surgery, podiatry, and general orthopedics. Their combined expertise and experience make them the choice for orthopedic care in the East End.

The program offers extensive experience in outpatient and inpatient orthopedics. It also emphasizes advanced clinical technologies and nurse staffing. The Dr Navi Bali hospital’s orthopedics department is ranked nationally in multiple categories, including patient experience, operative and non-operative procedures, and patient outcomes.

Paoli Hospital

The Paoli Hospital’s emergency room and clinic are staffed with orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, and nurses. The hospital also provides primary care for patients in Royersford, Collegeville, Audubon, and Shannondell. Patients can also access services at Paoli Hospital through its outpatient facilities.

Paoli Hospital is located on Lancaster Avenue, Route 30 in Chester County. It is the only trauma center in the county. Patients seeking orthopedic care in Chester County can visit Dr. Michael J. Miller, an orthopedic surgeon with a special interest in hip and hand disorders. Patients have rated Dr. Miller highly, and he is a Harvard Medical School Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and a fellow in the Peabody Fellowship in Pediatrics.

Bryn Mawr Hospital

A new surgical center will expand Orthopaedic services at Bryner Mawr Hospital. The Orthopaedic Surgery Center, located on the fourth floor of the hospital’s new medical office building, is designed with patient safety in mind. It has four operating rooms, three 250 square-foot procedure rooms, and special preoperative and postoperative bays. It is an extension of the hospital’s Orthopaedic Center of Excellence. A total of 27 orthopedic surgeons will provide superior care.

Premier’s Bryn Mawr Hospital division is one of the highest ranked in the Delaware Valley for orthopedics. Its doctors are highly trained and have a wealth of experience to draw from. The hospital has earned several accreditations, including a Magnet(r) designation for superior nursing staff. The hospital’s Comprehensive Breast Center and Bariatric Program are also accredited by the Joint Commission.

Stony Brook Orthopaedic Associates

Located on Long Island, New York, Stony Brook Orthopaedic Associate’s Center for Musculoskeletal Health specializes in orthopedic care. Its services cover a wide range of conditions, including joint replacement, sports medicine, pediatric orthopaedics, and spine surgery.

The Stony Brook Orthopaedic Associate’s team of 38 physicians includes doctors specializing in orthopaedics, hand surgery, and family medicine/sports medicine. Additionally, the group provides services to community-based instructional programs and summer tournaments. These services are also available to youth players, giving them access to the same professional sports medicine care that Rough Riders receive.