A utility trailer is an excellent way to transport bulky items

A utility trailer is an excellent way to transport bulky items that may not fit inside a truck or bus. It is also a great way to save on fuel, as it is lighter in weight than most other types of vehicles. This is in part due to the fact that Utility Trailer Phoenix it is tethered to a truck, meaning that it has less to move around than a cargo van or a bus. The most popular utility trailers are made of aluminum, steel, or both, depending on what works best for the customer.

Utility Trailer of Arizona recently opened a 60,000 square foot facility in Tolleson, Arizona. They’ve got everything from a state-of-the-art frame straightening rack to a temperature-controlled foam-in-place insulation booth. The facility even boasts a large and impressive washing bay. While they aren’t known for their slick operations, their slick products have a knack for impressing their customers. Besides the aforementioned fancy, they are known for their stellar customer service.

The company has a handful of accolades to its name, namely being a member of the Association of State Contractors of America. They’ve been around for almost two decades and boast a long list of clients that include a slew of large and small contractors. Not to mention, they’re conveniently located in between Phoenix and Tucson. As a result, they are an excellent choice if you’re looking to buy a new or used flatbed, dump, or other types of trailers. If you’re in the market for a new or used flatbed, dump, toolbox, or other types of trailers, make sure you stop by their showroom for a one-on-one demo. During your visit, the friendly sales representatives will be happy to discuss your requirements with you, and help you decide which of their offerings is right for you. Their showroom is stocked with a slew of quality and refurbished flatbeds to choose from.

In the end, the most important part of buying a new or used trailer is having a quality salesperson to work with. They’ll take your questions seriously and deliver the slick products you need. Unlike other manufacturers, they offer a hassle-free warranty that can’t be beat. With a staff of over 100 employees to help you along the way, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.