Biometric Turnstiles

Biometric turnstile

The biometric turnstile comes with all the components required for installation, including the biometric reader and the control electronics. This makes installation and maintenance very simple. Biometric fingerprint turnstiles are highly reliable and suitable for fast access. Besides, biometric fingerprint turnstiles don’t need a separate power source. Moreover, they have two solenoids, a rotor bearing, and dampers, which make them very convenient to maintain.

Face recognition

Face recognition has made great strides in the field of biometric security in the past several years. The technology enables secure, non-contact long-distance recognition of individuals’ identities, which has broad applications in public security. The technique is fast and adaptable to the human face. However, the technology can be problematic for some people. Some people, such as those who are black or blind, may have difficulty with it.

A biometric turnstile is a device that uses face recognition software to identify a person’s face. The device compares a person’s face against its database of authorized persons. If the face recognition matches the database, the person can go through the turnstile.

Palmar vein recognition

Biometric turnstiles, such as the ones used at Biometric turnstile airports and train stations, can be personalized with the palmar veins of each traveler. This unique characteristic of a person makes it difficult to impersonate another person. It also reduces the risk of fraudulent identity theft. As a result, palmar vein recognition could benefit a variety of industries.

Palmar vein recognition is an advanced technology. Unfortunately, its image features only exist when the palmar vein is alive. This means that a dead palm cannot be recognized by biometric turnstiles. Meanwhile, iris recognition is widely used and has proven to be more accurate. Because of this, the biometric turnstile market needs to be able to customize its look and function.

ProFace X

The ProFace X biometric turnstile is a highly sophisticated biometric access control system. It is equipped with the latest facial recognition technology to accurately recognize faces in a wide variety of lighting conditions. It also features a microwave detector to accurately determine the distance between a person’s face and the biometric device. Its rugged design makes it suitable for a variety of different environments and is protected against harsh weather conditions.

The ProFace X biometric turnstile is equipped with a ZKTeco-customized CPU to run a powerful facial recognition algorithm. Its touchless recognition technology reduces the risk of smudging and fingerprinting and enables a smoother and safer experience for visitors and employees. It also comes with features that help prevent the spread of bacteria and other pathogens.


The SBTL8000 biometric turnstile is built with a modular design that allows it to easily switch between biometric and RFID readers. Its sleek, ergonomic design makes it a perfect choice for modern applications. It is easy to install and maintain. It also supports multiple authentication methods including fingerprint, QR code, palm verification, and visible light facial recognition. Its advanced technology helps you realize touchless entrance control, improve public safety, and increase convenience and efficiency.

This biometric turnstile features a modular reader panel design. This helps reduce the complexity of installing and managing multiple reader panels. In addition, this turnstile can accommodate different types of verification methods, including biometric, fingerprint, and face recognition.


The OP1000 biometric turnstile is designed to offer fast and reliable access control. Its robust design includes dual solenoids, a rotor bearing and dampers, and is available with either a manual or automatic operation. It comes with control electronics and card readers. It is easy to install and maintain.

It features high-concurrency, express sorting, discrimination, and multiple face detection capabilities. OP1000 biometric turnstiles are also equipped with a high-speed, multi-channel interface. It is equipped with a camera and software that allows users to quickly and accurately enter facial information.