Container Hire – How to Get Your Container Delivered

Container hire has become a popular way for people to store their belongings. It is often cheaper and more convenient than traditional mini storage units. Shipping containers are available in many sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes, from transporting cargo to becoming dedicated storage spaces. They can be found throughout the country and are ideal for storing a wide range of household items, including furniture. The cost of hiring a storage container is less expensive than buying one and is often tax deductible if categorized as an operating expense. This makes it a great option for seasonal businesses and periods where extra storage space is required.

The first step in the process of getting a storage Container Hire delivered is to make an enquiry with the shipping container leasing company that you are interested in working with. You will need to provide your delivery address and let them know what size and type of shipping container you require. The logistics professional will then arrange for your rental container to be delivered to your location.

Before the container is dropped off on your property it must go through an inspection at the shipping container leasing company’s yard. This is known as an off-hire survey and is conducted to spot any damages that have occurred whilst on rent. If your shipping container has been damaged, it must be repaired before the container can be offered for rent again.

Some container leasing companies offer flexible lease agreements that allow you to purchase the container at a later date without paying any additional fees. These are called master lease agreements and they usually come with a list of permitted drop off and pick up locations.

Other leasing companies such as PODS offer a flexible reservation policy that allows you to pack and unpack your container at your own pace. Their portable storage units also feature barn-style doors that make access easier and reduce the chance of contents shifting during transit. However, the company only operates in 37 states at this time and their rates are slightly higher than those of some other competitors.

Lastly, UNITS is another leasing company that offers flexible storage container leases. Their containers are designed to fit in tight spots, including parking spaces and street curbs. They can also be loaded from the ground using a crane, which is useful when you need to get your container into a difficult-to-reach area. UNITS also offers labor-only moving services for an hourly rate, and their containers can be stored on your property or at a nearby storage facility.

All of the Container Alliance members listed on this page offer flexible shipping container lease options for both new and used units. Some of them also offer onsite maintenance and repairs. When choosing a container leasing partner, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and find out what is included in the rental price. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the container company directly and discuss them with a logistics expert.