Get in Touch With a Japanese Knotweed Expert

Japanese knotweed: a horror that strikes fear into homeowners, estate agents and mortgage lenders. Unless treated quickly and thoroughly, this aggressive invasive plant can devalue your property, block access to land and cause damage to structures. If you spot the tell-tale tufts of reddish-brown rhizomes, get in touch with an expert immediately to find out how to eradicate japanese knotweed.

A japanese knotweed expert can provide a detailed survey of the site, identify all the plants and give you a management plan for their removal and control. A quality expert report is Part 35 compliant and will be accepted in Court, ensuring you have the best possible evidence to prove your case.

Knotweed can grow up to a metre a day and has been known to invade buildings, roads, rail tracks, watercourses and adjacent gardens. It can also suffocate and kill native vegetation, displace wildlife, damage riparian habitats and cause flooding problems for local residents.

It’s illegal to plant Japanese knotweed in the wild, but it can be tolerated within gardens if it is not allowed to spread. It can be particularly difficult to sell a house with knotweed in the garden and since 2013 homeowners have been required to declare its presence on their TA6 form when selling their home. Mortgage lenders have also begun to ask whether there’s a risk of knotweed growing on the plot and to demand a full eradication strategy from the seller.

In extreme cases, knotweed can damage the foundations of a building, eroding soil and causing cracking in walls. It can also break through tarmacadam surfaces around houses, including driveways and cause significant damage to cars, and in some cases even penetrate brickwork.

The best way to get rid of knotweed is to use a powerful weed killer called glyphosate, which can take several applications over the course of a year to be effective. It’s best applied to cut canes to ensure the weedkiller reaches the roots. It’s not advised to try to pull out the plant by hand as this only encourages it to regrow more vigorously.

A specialist company can carry out a chemical spray treatment on the knotweed. This is a very effective method of treating the plant but it’s important to use the right chemical, at the right time and in the correct doses.

Knotweed can be a nightmare for developers and property owners but it’s not insurmountable. It can be removed by an expert if you are willing to commit to a long term management plan with a specialist company. If you ignore it, however, the problem will only escalate. It can devalue your property, stop you from selling, block access to your land and lead to expensive legal disputes. Getting in touch with an expert from the outset is always the best approach. A reputable company will offer free quotes and will only charge for their work when it’s successfully completed.