How a Professional Knotweed Survey Company Can Help

If you own land or property, it is vital to get an invasive species survey as soon as possible. It is essential for a wide range of reasons, including being legally compliant, protecting wildlife and ensuring you can use the site safely. It is also the best way to get a treatment plan in place and an insurance-backed guarantee to eradicate Japanese knotweed for good.

An invasive weed survey will help you take action against the problem, but the exact type of survey will depend on your individual needs and the extent of the infestation. There are several different types of surveys, including ground-based and remote visual inspections, as well as GPS mapped surveys. These methods provide more precise data on the location of the knotweed, but can be more expensive than manual or aerial surveys.

A survey will identify the location of the knotweed, and its size, spread, and root system. A professional team will then be able to put together a management plan for you that will include options for treatment and removal. The cost of the survey will vary depending on how quickly or completely you want to clear the knotweed, and how deep into the soil it is.

The survey will be carried out by a qualified PCA (Property Care Association) invasive weed surveyor. The surveyed area will be recorded using a GPS device and a CAD drawing package. This ensures the correct information is collected and stored and that the report is accurate. The PBA Solutions onsite teams are also equipped with mobile phones and tablets that enable them to communicate with the back office team at all times, enabling them to respond to your enquiries immediately.

During the survey, the team will look for visible signs of Japanese knotweed. A full survey, however, will also consider the extent of the rhizomes underground and how far they have spread, as well as confirm whether it is active or dormant at this time. The team will also look at the potential source of the knotweed, and whether any damage has been caused to the property or site.

While a professional knotweed survey company can conduct a full and thorough survey of the property, the process is not foolproof. It is still possible that the knotweed will not be identified, especially if it is growing on difficult-to-see sites such as within dense vegetation or underneath structures.

If the knotweed is not detected before a purchase, it could be costly for both the buyer and seller. The buyer will have spent money on a valuation, survey, and mortgage application. If it turns out that the weed was present and not disclosed, they could pursue legal action against the negligent surveyor for compensation.

It is important to be honest about the presence of a Japanese knotweed infestation, even after a professional survey has been conducted. Failure to do so could lead to the property sale falling through, as it is a legal requirement that sellers disclose the presence of the plant on their land. Getting a survey from an expert in the field will help you take steps to rectify the situation as soon as possible, and avoid losing out on your dream home.