Is an Areola Tattoo Right For You?

Vancouver areola tattooing is a safe procedure, but it does come with some risks. You should discuss the risks with your team before undergoing the tattooing process. Among these risks are allergic reactions and compromised or scarred skin. It is imperative to take proper care of the tattooed area afterward.

Studio Sashiko

If you’re thinking about getting an areola tattoo in Vancouver, you’ve come to the right place. Sashiko is owned by tattoo artist Shaughnessy Otsuji, who specializes in hyper-realistic cosmetic tattooing. She also offers eyebrow shaping and microblading. Her studio has close to 100k followers on Instagram.

Shaughnessy Otsuji

If you are considering getting an areola tattoo, you’re not alone. Breast cancer survivors, transgender people, and people who have had skin grafts or scars may be great candidates. It can also be an excellent option for anyone who does not like their natural nipples.

Shonna Roberts

Shonna Roberts is an artist who lives in Vancouver, Washington. She saw a need for advanced paramedical tattooing services, and decided to pursue this¬†Vancouver areola tattoo niche after suffering a car accident when she was just a teenager. Roberts studied under some of the world’s top paramedical tattoo artists. She also practiced on herself to perfect her craft.


Having an Otsuji areola tattoo can make a difference for breast cancer survivors. These tattoos create a sense of normalcy by resembling a real nipple. A medical tattoo artist with extensive experience will work with the patient to create the perfect design. Aside from a custom design, the artist will also take into account any issues with the skin texture or condition.