Memphis Lockouts – Tennessee Locksmiths

The name Memphis Lockouts is something that describes the current situation in the city. The problem is not isolated to Memphis either. There are many other cities across the United States, where teachers and other public sector workers have been affected by this phenomenon of lockouts. A teacher can lose his job in a city like Memphis, if he is unable to get the agreement from the owner of the school building to continue teaching. This is because many teachers who are affected by these lockouts refuse to work in these conditions. The problem is very acute in the Memphis schools.

In a typical case, the school authorities refuse to acknowledge the contractual teaching arrangements with the teachers and accept the demands of the management. When the teachers refuse to work with the administrators and the board of education also make it clear that they will fire any teacher, who refuses to comply with their demand. The main reason for such harsh treatment of the teachers is their inability to pay the heavy cost of paying the teachers. In most of the schools in the region of Memphis the teachers are not being paid on time. In some schools they have been forced to face disciplinary actions too. This has made the situation even more severe for them.

It seems that the government is not able to handle the situation of the schools imparting education to the students. They have realized the fact that a strike is going to hit the basic functioning of the schools. That is the reason why they have decided to announce the suspension of classes for all students residing in the Memphis schools on the day of the coming holiday. According to the officials, the situation in the schools has worsened as the students are not paying attention to the studies or their assignments.

The students are found not to be interested in anything. Even the parents do not show interest in their studies. All the students are placed in the same class and are being educated on the same subjects. The problem is not unique to Memphis; this is a regular practice in the majority of the schools throughout the country which is facing a shortage of teachers due to the economic downturn.

The teachers are not going to accept the situation as they have already started working on their industrial action. There has been a complete lack of response from the management in maintaining the quality of education. The problem is not going to go away unless the management takes strong measures to manage the situation. At the moment, the situation is like a boil waiting to burst. Without taking adequate measures, it is going to cause very serious consequences for the students, parents and teachers.

There have been rumors that the lockouts are going to continue until the school year resumes. This is not true; it is just a media creation. There have been repeated complaints from the parents and students about the poor conditions in the Memphis schools. Management has taken responsibility and has offered concrete measures to tackle the situation.