TMJ Botox

TMJ Botox is a cosmetic procedure, also known as Teeth Effect BOTOX. Botox is an injectable gel that is used to temporarily paralyze or block the muscles that cause frown lines around the mouth. Botox was approved by the FDA in 1992 and has become an increasingly popular cosmetic for both patients and physicians alike. There are many positive benefits associated with TMJ Botox, including but not limited to:

TMJ Botox

Reduce wrinkles and lines By temporarily paralyzing the muscles of the face, the patient can reduce or even eliminate the lines and wrinkles around their mouth. It is a less drastic form of treatment than many other types of plastic surgery and will not result in a total loss of teeth. Once injected into a muscle, Botox works for the rest of the patient’s life, although there will be some discomfort for the first few days. This temporary paralysis has the added benefit of reducing headaches and muscle tension during the day. The effects of Botox can last up to six months, although most people only get the treatment twice yearly.

Ease chewing Smokers who are suffering from TMJ may find it difficult to chew because of the clenching of the jaw while they are trying to take a bite of a cigarette. This clenching eventually leads to misaligned teeth and can even result in the formation of additional teeth. In order to ease the tension of the jaw while chewing, Botox is injected into the area. This injection will also help eliminate any extra teeth that may have developed because of the jaw clenching.

Minimize the headaches and muscle tension The muscles and ligaments around the mouth are constantly being strained and tightened, resulting in headaches, muscle tension and even facial pain. Repeatedly clenching the jaw while chewing can result in misaligned teeth and a misaligned bite. This not only creates unattractive and uncomfortable wrinkles but can also increase the risk of TMJ problems. TMJ Botox can help to alleviate all of these symptoms.

Avoid the use of over the counter remedies Many of the over the counter remedies available today can actually cause over tightening of the bite. This bite tightening can actually lead to misaligned teeth, increased wear and tear on the jaw and increased wrinkles. Botox can help to remedy this problem by reducing the amount of extrusion of the bovine-derived neurotoxin. It will even stop the over tightening and clenching of the teeth.

To find out more about TMJ Botox, visit the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) website. This website has extensive listings of specialists that perform this type of treatment. You can also request free information from them by visiting their online community. This is one of the best ways to get information on Botox treatments for wrinkles.